For smaller firms which do their payment runs once a month.


For SMEs which have weekly payment schedules and more transactions.


For corporations looking to get better automation in their payments.

All prices listed are excluding VAT. See your billing overview page for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?
Credits are used for processing batch payments, where 1 credit corresponds to one line item.
Do I have to give you my billing details to try batch2sepa out?
Nope! When you register, we give you trial credits for the first organisation you connect to see if batch2sepa is useful to you and if it works with your bank.
Can I use batch2sepa without getting a subscription?
Definitely, you can top up credits for €0.35 each.
What happens when I run out of credits?
If you set up automatic payments, regardless of whether you have a subscription, you'll be charged for overage credits at €0.35 each. This allows you to pay for larger batches without topping up credits manually.
Do AP and AR cost the same in credits?
Yes! Both are counted as one line in your batches.
How are Consolidated Batches priced?
As with regular batches, pricing is per line, however the cost is capped at 3 credits per contact, regardless of how many payments were consolidated within it.
Do Consolidated Batches and Regular Batches cost the same in credits?
It depends! Consolidated batches will always cost the same or less than regular batches, as cost per contact is capped at 3 credits.
This means that a batch for 5 contacts with 4 invoices each will cost 15 credits instead of 20 when consolidated. However, a batch for 20 contacts with 1 invoice each will cost 20 credits whether it is consolidated or not.
What if I need a plan a larger plan?
Drop us a line through our email address and we will tailor a plan to suit your needs.